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Re: [MiNT] C++

Am Freitag, den 18.10.2013, 09:59 +0200 schrieb "J. F. Lemaire" <jflemaire@skynet.be>:

Am I reading this correctly? You've ported Enigma to the Atari? And
you didn't find it useful to mention this to anybody? Are you crazy?
:-) That's one of the things I've been planning to do since I got the

I've mentioned it in the internal Firebee Forum. Porting is bad word for
this, I've compiled it ;)

Does it run at all? Can we try it?

There was a bug in SDL back then which prevented the mouse to work correctly, I'm pretty sure this was fixed when I was in contact with P.M. and V.R. because of Grafx2 for ColdFire. That also included an perfomance inside the SDL-GEM Event Loop.

It would be wort again to check it out again, just to see how it performs now.

However, I did a little bit profiling (just collection time stamps..) and followed the event loop inside Enigma - and it had a million of calls during each poll for events...

I don't know exactly how bad the performance was, but here is my posting from the firebee forum, looks like the mouse event issue fix inside SDL could have changed my posting back then:


Today I ported enigma to FreeMiNT.

It looks good and runs - to slow. ( with an 1.6 Ghz single core Aranym-jit ).

Animations are fine - but everything related to user interaction is slow as hell. (mouse movement with graphical cursor, keyboard input, mouse click etc.). (Maybe it can also be improved when not running with window mode - it has an different event loop then? ? dunno...)

If that part within SDL can be optimized (alot) by someone - we would probably have possibility to publish some more games...

some screenshots attached.