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Re: [MiNT] Missing .so libs 'solution'?


On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Adam Kłobukowski wrote:

> > > ELF binaries do not require VM, but it is su-much-easier to add ELF support
> > > if there is aleready VM, so Guido told that he investigated that matters and
> > > told against adding ELF support without VM support first.
> >
> > I'd like to hear more details on this, please... Guido? Anybody?
> IIRC ELF architecture uses some fixed adresses (program is loaded at fixed
> address).

This is something really easy to fix based on this pure description IMO.

> I bet there can be a workaround (IIRC PPC Amigas uses ELF without
> VM) but it does not sound as an easy one.

And we already have such a patch 8-|. Hmm, and we would still wait for the
VM that never comes? Huh... are there any URLs for this out there?

> > > On the other hand we do not need ELF support for shared libraries, we could
> > > have a.out shared libraries. They do not need VM at all, bu tafter I read
> > > some things about a.out in Linux I am strongly against adding a.out shared
> > > libraries to MiNT (btw. Konrad once said that we would go for it).
> >
> > Well? So what is the problem there?
> Time, and brave volounteer ;)

I actually meant what were the statements that made you to be 'strongly

> > > My vote is ELF and ELF shared libraries with VM, becouse that would give> us
> > > standard way for that.
> >
> > I don't talk about votes but about real existing feature here. I don't
> > want to wait until somebody brave enough does the BSD VM stuff port or
> > something... I'd like to see the .so libs working anyhow.
> That is not a good idea. Making it _anyhow_. Better make it good.

Good, means working while speaking about a platform that is under heavy
developments of 3 people (line once a month I guess)... Better to drop
it all when nothing comes, sorry. And believe me I'm truly sad about this
fact here.

Patrice? What is the status of your ELF support in the gcc and binutils?
Or is there anyone else that were seriously working on something similar
for FreeMiNT?