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Re: [MiNT] SV: SV: OT Highwire

J. F. Lemaire píše v Čt 13. 11. 2008 v 13:24 +0100:
> 2008/11/13 Jo Even Skarstein <joska@online.no>
> [...]
>         How realistic is it to port WebKit or Gecko to MiNT? I
>         wouldn't mind writing the GUI for a web-browser if we have a
>         good rendering engine available.
> Does anyone with a Linux/m68k setup has any experience with the modern
> rendering engines? If yes, is the speed acceptable? That may make for
> an interesting point of reference I think.

That is a good point. Somebody with an _accelerated_ X11 on Atari could
try out the kazehakase (to see Gecko speed) and konqueror (for KHTML
which is close to Webkit, I think).


P.S. I don't know about any Atari hardware setup that would have an
accelerated graphics in linux/m68k.