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Re: [MiNT] Bugtracker

Paul Wratt wrote:

> "You don't need to integrate "everything" into the wiki" - I want
> access to TosHyp from an webdev page for FreeMiNT, XaAES, and others,
> which mean cross-referencing AES, VDI, TRAP's, calls, kernel Lib,
> GemLib, etc. This will also help in developing the thread discussions
> on AES and VDI into hard copy (as it were)

You mean something like http://toshyp.atari.org/?

I prefer the ST-Guide version though, it's quite a bit quicker to use
than HTML.

> Yes there is a tons of stuff that needs doing, but if its all up where
> people can see what needed, and find all tools and docs need to do any
> changes, it will happen faster, and you might be surprised by who
> contributes to what projects

Yes :-) That's a really good reason for setting up a wiki and using the
bugtracker - let everybody see what's there and what needs to be done.
If you're a newcomer and would like to contribute, it's a lot easier to
get started if there is a list of bugs/features and some good
documentation on how to get the code and submit patches.

Jo Even