Ultimate /|\ ATARI 4nd d3m0 coding page !!!

So I finally did it... after two days of typing, sorting and copying is my text-collection finished!!! As you can see, this page lacks any kind of design, you can't imagine how f*cking hard it's to collect something like this, so I haven't any power to play with html... All these texts I downloaded when I worked in internet caffe, I was looking for something better than Programmer's Heaven = more general texts about democoding... (www.google.com -> "democoding tutorial" ;) Some words about coding cathegories: when I've been sorting these files, I created three folders: cool, ok and not interesting :) It represented how much I understood them :) In the present I'm a little bit more experienced, so this division isn't actual for me, but it can helps someone... Also: 100% rated ones are most understable texts instead of 30% (short or unclear texts). It's only my personal opinion ofcourse. There's a lot of things to be added (e.g. Atari XE/XL stuff, Motorola PDF's, Unix, security, better comments/description ...), but you have to wait to time when I'll bore, because I want to do another things on my Atari Falcon as typing this html code ;) (hint to kick me to do: feedback :)... so: Enjoy!

:::My stuff:::

Texts and tutorials I've written
Title Date Comment
Ultimate Guide to the LDG Architecture and its Pitfalls December 18, 2011 An article meant for some Atari (disk) magazine but since all had died before I could publish it, I post it here.
GCC 3.3.6 usage for Atari projects September 29, 2006 (Cross-)compile your 060-optimized GCC 3.3.6, published as DHS Special Feature
An interview with Mikro July 16, 2003 for Alive 7 diskmag, interview with me ;)
Videl in practice March 8, 2003 for Chosneck #2 diskmag, Videl regs and math description
68030, ST RAM and things around it March 8, 2003 for Chosneck #2 diskmag, deep cycle/timing description on Falcon030
Rotations in Mathematics and Demos March 8, 2003 for Chosneck #2 diskmag, left/right-handed system, math vs computer screen
Some hints for 3D coding March 8, 2003 for Chosneck #2 diskmag, some random hints
Optimizing for FastRAM and 68060 CPU March 8, 2003 for Chosneck #2 diskmag, some basic stuff about 060 optimizing
(Really) Basic Things About 3D Graphics October 30, 2002 for UCM 23 diskmag, real lameness ;)
Czech and Slovak Scene Report October 30, 2002 for UCM 23 diskmag
Narsil 50 review October 30, 2002 for UCM 23 diskmag, review and short thoughts about czech Atari diskmag
Lektvar review October 30, 2002 for UCM 23 diskmag, review of czech Atari game


Coding docs [rating: 100%]
Title Author Comment
2D Bumpmapping Sqr(-1)
Avatar's Guide To 3D-Rotations Avatar 12 -> 6 muls optimization
3D Dimensional Rotations For Computer Graphics Lithium/VLA
3D Shading In Computer Graphics Lithium/VLA
BSP Trees Tom Hammersley
BSP FAQ Bretton Wade
Camera & Matrices ?
A Painless Guide To CRC Error Detection Algorithms Ross N. Williams
Fire Effect DarK I
Fast affine texture mapping MRI/Doomsday
Fractals references Usenet references to books about fractals
Mandelbrot algorithm ?
Fastest Line Algorithm Luke Hutchison
Matrix transformation tutorial Voltaire/OTM
Approx. technique for the Phong Shading model Voltaire/OTM
Complete HOW TO of polygons Voltaire/OTM
Sorting algorithms for 3D graphics Voltaire/OTM
Voxel landscape Voltaire/OTM
Packing Algorithms Axe/Superior
Polygon Clipping Adrian Brown
Radix sort algorithm ?
Random Function Usenet quite nice routine to generate pseudo-random numbers (x86 source)
RSA encryption ? cool explanation of RSA encryption
SciMath FAQ Alex Lopez-Ortiz interesting math-problems etc
Sort algorithms ? Pascal sources
Fast Squareroots Arne Steinarson
Squareroots Wongster some IRC rip...
S-Buffer FAQ Paul Nettle forget the Z-Buffer !
Lighting Your Texture Maps Tom Hammersley
Texture Mapping Sean Barrett
Texture Mapping Usenet
Perspective Transforms Andre Yew
16bpp color transparency Usenet
How to do free-directional tunnels BlackAxe/KolOr
Phong lighting and specular highlights TimJ/Vertigo
Realtime Shadow FAQ Vector/Vertigo
Voxels Alex Chalfin
Texture Mapping (Walls only) Peylow/T.O.Y.S.
Water Tom Hammersley
3D Coding Blackhole Jerome St-Loius about 3D graphics, html format, pictures, long names
3DGPL Sergei Savchenko complete tutorial about 3D graphics
3DICA Ica/Hubris complete tutorial about 3D graphics, html format, long names
3D Rotations in 100% Assembler Vulture/Outlaw Triad & Matt Us Allem explanation, source (both x86 & motorola), really cool
3D Rotate Draeden/VLA explanation + x86 source
Plasmas Raphius/Anubis explanation + C source
Intro to 3D Graphics Programming Kiwidog explanation + Pascal source
Fast affine texture mapping II MRI/Doomsday explanation + C++ source
Fixed-point unit for Atari ST Ray/.tSCc.
Free Direction Rendering Kombat/Immortals explanation + C++ source
Full Screen Rotation and Scaling Scott A. Deming explanation + C source
Realtime Full screen image rotation Scott Deming explanation + C source
3D Starfield Vulture/Outlaw Triad explanation + x86 source
Code Your Own Plasma Spansh/Dynamix a lot of plasmas, x86 sources, huge explanation
PXD trainers Peroxide PXD tutorials -- advanced topics about 3D and XMS memory
RSA FAQ Usenet everything you want to know about encryption methods
Fast Squareroot Noble Roman explanation + C source
Star field Draeden/VLA explanation + x86 source
N-Buffering Type One/Pulpe
2d color bump-mapping T.C.P./d4z explanation + .exe file
How To Create Plasma Effects Sten Roger Sandvik explanation + x86 source
Zed3D Zed one of the best references about computer graphics, M$ .doc format
Coding docs [rating: 60%]
Title Author Comment
Math Tricks Dr.Zixus/Trinity
3D Algorithms FAQ Usenet
3D Cameras Shadow Bandit/Diabolic Force formulas for camera moving
3D Graphics FAQ Usenet
Efficient Antialiasing Hin Jang
Cubic Bezier Ron Capelli
Bilinear Interpolation of Texture maps Tom Hammersley
Bresenham's Line Algorithm Sunir Shah
Bumpmapping Brian Lingard
A Cheater's Form of Z Clipping Ian Romanick
Compression FAQ Usenet
Cordic Rotators Ken Turkowski
Doom 3D Engine Techniques Brian Marshall
How to use Fixed Point Math Night Stalker
Fixed Point Usenet
FAQs on fog ?
Fractal Image Compression Louisa F. Anson
Free Direction Texture Mapping hannu Helminen
Frustum Clipping Tom Hammersley
Graphics FAQ Usenet
Gravity FAQ Edgar Roman
Ray Tracing Jell-O Brand Gelatin Paul S. Heckbert
More About Shading, Z-Buffer and Textures Karma
Line of Sight algorithm Usenet
A Fast Algorithm for Calculating Shading and Visivility on 2D Field Joseph Hall
Overview of the Marching Cubes Algorithm Matthew Ward
OpenGL FAQ Usenet
Quaternions and Orthogonal 4x4 Real Matrices Henry G. Baker
Texture Mapping Polygons in Perspective Paul Heckbert
Clipping Polygons Patrick Reilly
Quaternion Numbers Henrik Engstrom
Ray-Tracing with Affine Transforms Otto J. A. Smith
Dan's Raytracing Notes Dan Lyke
Light Makes Right Eric Haines
S-Buffering Tom Hammersley
A Comparison of Three Shadow Volume Algorithms Mel Slater
Shadows Tom Hammersley
Sinus table generator KarL/NoooN
Fast sin and cos calculations Cry0/Quasar
Fast Specular Highlights with Local Light Sources and Viewer Zed
Speedy Free Direction Texture Mapping And Other Nifty Tricks Hokan Anderson
Texturing, Bumpmapping of Spheres in Realtime Hans Kopp
Texture Mapping: A new tool for molecular graphics Michael Teschner
Texture Mapping Howto ?
Reflections on Flat-Shading vs Texture Mapping James Hugard
Tile Texture Mapping Doc MRI/Doomsday
Tiled texture Mapping for pow2 Texture Sizes TheGlide/SpinningKids
Warping in Crystal Space ?
Sub-pixel accuracy Paul Nettle
Sub-texel accuracy Paul Nettle
Rendering convex n-gons Paul Nettle
Properly reordering face vertex indices Paul Nettle
Calculating a rotation matrix based on location/target Paul Nettle
3D Viewing System Tutorial Gautam N. Lad explanation + C source
Artifical Intelligence various various docs about AI
BSP Trees ?
Cross Fade Esak explanation + C/x86 sources
Gouraud Vectors Tumblin/Bodies In Motion explanation + C/x86 sources
Lens Joey explanation + .gif
Perspective Texture Mapping Using Area Subdivision Method Karli Freivalds explanation + .exe file
WGT Graphics Tutorials Chris Egerter Filled Polygons, Shaded Polygons, Texture Mapped Polygons, C + .exe files
Coding docs [rating: 30%]
Title Author Comment
3DEnvMap algorithm ?
3D Rotations/Instancing Usenet
How a ballistic program works R. White what is this page about? :-)
Triangle Intersection with Barycentric Coordinates Jeff Arenberg
Blobs Bill Johnston
Bump mapped normal Robin Green
Enviroment Mapping Frenzy/Tesko
Gouraud Shading Marijn Meijles
Matrix Inverse Usenet
AI Learning Algorithms Usenet
Finding the normal at the surface of the set ?
Particle Systems Tom Hammersley
Patchsphere Eben Ostby/Pixar
3D Rotations/Instancing Usenet not the same as the one above
Raytracing Transparent Objects Doug McDonald
Raytracing Transparent Objects Doug McDonald corrected one
Reverse Polish Notation ?
Realtime Shadows lks
Fast Multi-Pass Exact Screen-Space Shadows Zed
Stereoscopic Projection Ian Romanick
Terraforming Sean Cier
Constant Slope Texture Mapping John McCarthy
Generation of list of 3D triangle Kimberley
Atari docs
Title Author Comment
Introducing 3D Graphics Mr.Pink/RG short intro to 3D translations
DHS 128 B-tro Mr.Pink/RG Mr.Pink explanate DHS' code
3D Programming and Camera Movement Tat/Avena cool doc about moving/rotating 3D objects
The Cookie Report Mr.Pink/RG
DSP M-Registers Tat/Avena
Fading Techniques on the Atari Falcon Mr.Pink/RG
FPU Programming Mr.Pink/RG complete overview of 68882 instructions
MIDI Programming Mr.Pink/RG
The MMU Mr.Pink/RG
Nemesis Coding Mr.Pink/RG
ST Demos Exposed #1 Tat/Avena explanation of famous Atari ST 'impossible' fxs..
ST Demos Exposed #2 Tat/Avena part 2
ST Demos Exposed #3 Tat/Avena part 3
Tracker Music Tutorial Toodeloo/DHS
Advanced techniques for swing and polyrhytms Toodeloo/DHS
The Blob Tat/Avena
DSP Programming Using the XBIOS Tat/Avena XBIOS calls, how 2 use them, ...
Maggie #18 Intro Tat/Avena complete source code
Maggie #21 Intro Tat/Avena complete 68000 source code (ultra fast c2p routs etc)
JagPad Programming Tips Mr.Pink/RG 3 parts of Maggie forum - how to code jagpad routines, examples etc
Splines Tat/Avena Bezier & Hermite splines, source code
Artifical Textures Tat/Avena the easy way of 2D/3D textures
Tidy coding for all Ataris EarX/FUN how to avoid "dirty" code
Blobs Invasion Deez/Mind Design
Chunky to Planar Ray/.tSCc. nice explanation, examples, ...
Some hints on writing applications for the Falcon DSP EarX/FUN
Fuck Bresenham! EarX/FUN faster than Bresenham's algorithm? Hmm...
How to calculate sinewave values in 680x0 EarX/FUN
Implementing trig-functions Ray/.tSCc.
Making optimized assembly code EarX/FUN best doc what I ever read about demo-coding!
Chunky to Planar Candyman/Cream de facto same as the Ray's text, complete source code
Binary to decimal convertor Greg Garner 680x0 source code
HBL source example Johan Sorensen again just a source code
Fractal scroller for STE Jesper Rudberg only STE, no Falcon
Fast 2D Line Clipper Usenet some strange mix of 680x0 assembly & Unix script
Divide by 10 in 68k-asm Ludis Langens explanation + example, very nice idea!
How to code vectordemos Asterix/Movement best text about vector-coding, I fixed some formulas, source code included
Flames for Falcon 030 Martin Steen short intro, but in .txt file is explained how the fire works (in german)
VBI Amgem doc, sources, principles
.tSCc. codetips .tSCc. very good for beginners, html
Hardware(-like) docs
Title Author Comment
The Storm Before the COM ? nice text about serial communication, ISDN and so on
A Chronology of Digital Computing Machines SoftQuad computers from 1623 to 1952
Graphics/Colorspace FAQ Usenet
Graphics/Colorspace FAQ Usenet expanded one?
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Math Coprocessors Norbert Juffa only PC ones, but nice reading
How to program DMA Night Stalker
RGB List ?
Practical Guide to RS-232 Interfacing Lawrence E. Hughes
56 kbps FAQ Rockwell
Department of Defense Password Management Guideline Computer Security Center Maryland everything about passwords security etc
Other docs
Title Author Comment
Why use C instead of Pascal? ?
ASCII Art FAQ Usenet
Virtual Reality FAQ Jerry Isdale
PC docs
Title Author Comment
Art Of Assembler ? very complete guide to x86 programming
Intel 386 Programmer's Reference Manual Intel huge reference to 386 CPUs
Addressing Modes ? grabbed from some text when I learned to code on 8086...
ANSI.SYS' Escape Sequences Files ? very handy under MSDOS :)
Assembly Instruction Set ? complete 8086 instruction set
(Un)documented commans of last CPUs Potemkin's Hacker Group
??? MiKRO :-) example of various equivalentions of x86 asm... bleh, try to compare to motorola :)
Programmer's Technical Reference for MSDOS Klaus Overhage interrupts, functions, ...
Intel 8086/186/286/386/486 Instruction Set ?
Using VGA Mode 13h for Fast Graphics Michael Averbuch famous 320x200x256...
Linker Overview ? .EXE & .COM structure, nice
Optimizing Robert C. Pendleton various optimizing tricks
Techman VVU PrS Kosice great DOS reference, in slovak only
Antidebugging trick various authors 3 texts
Adam's Assembler Tutorial Adam good assembler course including tutorials to code fire, plasma, ...
Chain-4 Documentary Vulture/Outlaw Triad use MSDOS text mode instead of real graphics :)
x86/MSDOS Interrupt List Ralf Brown over 8 MB of pure text, wow!!
Pentium CPU various authors compilation of texts about this CPU, impressive
Sound docs
Title Author Comment
How Dolby Stereo works Don Munsil
Fractal Music Generation various authors
Source code
Title Author Comment
Various source codes various authors different quality, I recommeded ART DEMO, very impressive!

:::68030 Stuff:::

Title Author Comment
Motorola 68030 Zynx/Inferiors a MUST for Falcon coders!
Pipelining on 030 Evil/DHS grabbed from some mail, maybe useful...

:::DSP56001 Stuff:::

Title Author Comment
DSP56001 NoCrew?
DSP56001 Hypertext JAY Software handy hypertext which describe registers, memory, ...
Introduction to DSP Noring/NoCrew introduction to DSP coding, html format, long names
DSP Intruction Set ? complete instruction set of DSP56001
DSP56001 Sources NoCrew, Motorola, ...

:::68881/2 Stuff:::

Title Author Comment
Cooperating with the Coprocessor Jim Reekes
Speedy the Math Coprocessor Rich Collyer
FPU assembler programming Erik H. Bakke
MC68881 as a peripheral Motorola

:::GEM Programming Stuff:::

Title Author Comment
TOS Draco generall overview of all versions of TOS and clones
GEMDOS Extended Argument Specification Ken Badertscher
Atari TOS Desktop Survival Kit Thomas J. Hopper desktop.inf & newdesk.inf structure
Structure of Atari binary file Leo bss, data, text segments...
BIOS System Calls Christer Gustavsson
Get/Set Blitter Configuration ?
Setting default enviroment from AUTO folder Usenet
SET_ENV.C Mike Fischer explanation + source code
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About GDOS Douglas N. Wheeler
GEM Programming Jungle Roland Waddilove
Atari GEMDOS Manual Atari?
Upper & lower case routines for I/O Martin Minow
Bomb Lister Leo doc + C source
Pexec cookbook Allan Pratt
Description of relocatable PRG header Roland Waldi
Still Another Line A Document Mark Jansen
_shell_p Simon Poole tutorial + C source
GEMDOS Atari? very complete description of GEMDOS
Converting a TOS prg into a DA Moshe Braner
GEMDOS short version Atari?/MiKRO I cutted some parts described in another docs
Professional GEM Tim Oren complete GEM tutorial + C sources
LineA RDS Software german description of LineA, examples etc

:::ST/Falcon Memory Maps:::

Title Author Comment
Atari Falcon Hardware Registers #1 Chris/Aura & Aeon/Aura
Atari Falcon Hardware Registers #2 Chris/Aura & Aeon/Aura part 2
Atari Falcon Hardware Registers #3 Chris/Aura & Aeon/Aura part 3
Falcon Registers ? german language
The Authoritative Guide To The Falcon Video Hardware Aura & Animal Mine the coolest VIDEL description on the world!
Atari Hardware Description Beweise/DNS
Atari ST/STe/MSTe/TT/F030 Hardware Register Listing Dan Hollis

:::Optimizing 680x0 Code:::

Title Author Comment
Optimizing 680x0 Applications Tomas Evensen various optimizing methods for 68000/030/040/060
ASP68k Project Michael Glew for total lamers :)
? ? nice optimizing tricks...
Optimizing your source code Stefan Posthuma dirty optimizing on pure 68000
Move16 instruction ? Illustrate using of 040's Move16


Title Author Comment
6502 bugs Ivo van Poorten
An excerpt from an interview with Leonard Tramiel Martin Goldberg original interview!
ST Picture Formats David Baggett
Atari ST/STE/TT Profibuch bugs Julian F. Reschke in german language
Devpac ? big Devpac manual, czech language

:::ST/E Stuff:::

Title Author Comment
Blitter user manual for the Atari ST Atari?
How To Use Atari ST Harddisk Port Doug Collinge
Writing communications software Usenet
68000er Opcoder ? german language
Atari ST Machine Specific Programming In Assembly Robert C. Arp really huge asm book (about 250 files!)
Atari ST Intern ? czech translation, ascii format
Timing Tables for 68000 various authors not complete, not best, but I haven't got anything better :)