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Re: [MiNT] 030-version of gcc

V Ne, 23. 11. 2003 v 15:07, Francois LE COAT píše:
> Franck. It is not very regular and honest to cut and shuffle the
> mail that I'm writing. That modify the meaning. You make me
> tell things I wouldn't tell. I was really upset by your last
> answer ...

Please calm down, guys.

I understand both of you. Frank does have some valid points. I don't
have any numbers at hand but what if the new compiler would not allow
compiling things on 14 megs Falcon anymore, for example.

But this would of course be a fault of the operating system - not having
virtual RAM in 21st century makes the OS unusable.

At the same time, the hardware evolves - slowly, but evolves. There are
MC68060 machines running at 100+ MHz - who would say that a couple of
years ago? And there is also ARAnyM running at 1GHz+ for those that are
not locked to Falcon upgrade kits. And also some Medusa/Hades and Milan
machines. We _DO_ have the power. 1040ST is gone. Free your mind! :)

Anyway. I understand that Frank didn't say "NO" to GCC 3.3.x in
Sparemint. As soon as someone volunteers to recompile everything
(especially C++ libs) I believe Frank would be OK with that. 

Let's release new FreeMiNT first and make all Atari users upgrade to it.
When it settles down we may upgrade the GCC. What do you think?

Roadmap could be as follows:

1) December 1st: release new FreeMiNT that together with fVDI, XaAES,
TeraDesk and HighWire form a free Atari OS.

2) January 1st: make the Sparemint archive installable as easily as
possible so that even guys like me would switch to it (APT rulez)

3) February 1st: GCC 3.3.3 in Sparemint, C++ ABI upgraded in all