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Re: [MiNT] 030-version of gcc


phew.. Who would have thought that my posting would excite the mailing list that much..


Well, I`m quite happy with the 2.95.3. Of course it is not uptodate anymore. But compiling with my 030-Falcon already is with this compiler a torture.. So please don´t mind, if I will never install a 3.x version on it. Anyway, I also use a cross-compiler on my PC. For the cross-compiler I see no problem for me using a 3.x version. But I´m not willed to build all the required packages, since I have no problem using the old 2.95.3. If you want other people to use a 3.x-version feel free to build the required packages.


Here is the latest version of the todo.txt:
Do you still need some new CVS-builds for the AFROS? I might help you with this.