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Re: [MiNT] 030-version of gcc


> > POV and the OpenGL libs are in the first time Unix applications that you
> > compile on the ATARI with much help of FreeMiNT/MiNTLib/gcc and lot of
> > the Sparemint tools that provide an Unix environment.
> Except that nothing else than the MiNT kernel itself comes from it ...

Oh, you forget the MiNTLib. This is for sure the most important point as
it provide the neccessary ANSI and POSIX level to use unix applications at
all. Without the MiNTLib you can't use any unix app under FreeMiNT.

> > First, I never decided or said that gcc 3.x is bad. I just said that for
> > [my ATARI requirements] gcc 3.x is not so much better than gcc 2.95.3 that
> > the higher compile time and memory consumption are overcompensated by the
> > win.
> You always repeat the same song !

Sure, as you always ignore it :-)

> > Secondly, as already mentioned before, I compiled several versions of the
> > gcc 3.x nativly for FreeMiNT and as cross compiler. I also used and still
> > use the gcc 3.x compiler under NetBSD, Linux and Windows [cygwin/mingw].
> Patrice Mandin didn't used it as a cross compiler (he could have done
> it) but as a native compiler under ARAnyM ...

Hmm, and ... ?

> > Maybe you explain what do you understand under 'Give it a try'. I'm sure I
> > spent much more time on compiling and testing the gcc 3.x as you are
> > willing to accept here.
> It means, try it ! Leave it a chance !

You repeat you too :-)


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