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Re: [MiNT] new FreeMiNT release (was Re: 030-version of gcc)

Hi All!

Hmm, I was thinking about this a bit....

For ilustration: I've obtained a 'bug' report about the rpm install
reports an error during the new gemlib installation. It is regarding the
Fchown related changes in the 1.16 kernel line. BTW: Frank, do you
remember the change in API for Fchown (regarding the follow_symlink) we
did? Now I think we shouldn't have had done that because it broke the
mintlib<->kernel compatibility. What do you think (I'm prepared to roll
this back any time as the new Fchown16 is enough)?


1.16.0 relese would require:
  * new mintlib release to keep the POSIX level compatibility

MiNTlib release would require:
  * compile all the RPMS again with the new MiNTlib due to the lack of
    dynamic libraries support.
  * release the new SpareMiNT repository for the 1.16 kernel

Of course I'm willing to help with this all too. But we should think about
real .so library support ASAP because unless any kernel API changes would
require to build it all from scratch again and again (I know that my
example is a bit wrong in what we did to the API, but whatever...).

> 1) test and bugfix slip.xif (sld, ppp)

Does this concerns the weird pine problems with sending a console notes
within an attachment body?

best regards